Get Sacramento Online!

In this interactive idle-game, work to set up an unbreakable network to give internet access to the citizens of Sacramento.

Turn your sound on for the best experience.

It may appear frozen while loading, this is normal.

Quickstart Guide

Goal: The goal of the game is to have the highest score possible at the end of the 100-day period. Score is calculated from the amount of money you have, the amount of service stations you've placed, and the amount of service areas you have service stations in.

Service Station: This is your main tool. You can build service stations across the map in designated service areas. You can click the button on the bottom left or press 'B' to begin building stations. Click to place a station. A station costs money to build and maintain, but they will provide income if they have a valid connection to the internet source.

Cables: This is your secondary tool. You will need to use cables to connect your network. You can start the build process by either pressing 'C' or clicking the cable icon in the bottom left. Click on a service station or internet source to start the cable building process, then click on a different station to complete the cable. Cable cost is determined by its length. To exit the cable making process, you can either press 'Escape', right-click, or click the cable button again.

Service Area: The map of Sacramento is divided up into service areas. A service station's income is determined in part by the number of residents in a service area. The more people that live in a service area, the more income a service station will provide.

Internet Source: The large "WWW" icon represents the internet source. All service stations must have a connection to this, whether directly or chained through other stations, in order to be operational. A service station that is not connected to the internet source will not provide income. The internet source is permanent and cannot be moved or taken down.

Storms: There will be periodic storms in Sacramento that can disrupt your entire operation. When a storm comes through, the screen will briefly become dark and thunder can be heard. Then, some of your service stations might get taken down. Broken service stations will be grayed out and have a exclaimation mark. You can repair them by clicking on them. The cost of this action can be seen by hovering the mouse over a broken station. A station going down might cause a chain reaction, so be careful!

Diminishing Returns: Nearly every aspect in this game has diminishing returns. The more service stations you build, the more expensive they will get. The more service stations there are in a service area, the less revenue they will generate. The longer a cable gets, the more it costs relative to its length. Use this knowledge to strategize and get the highest score you can.


Use WASD or the arrow keys to move the camera

Scroll to zoom in and out.

Created by Tim, Peter, Jun, and Aidan for SacHacks III.

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