There's been a cave-in in the mines-- pitted against time, hunger, and their own sanity, will they be able to dig their way out?

Miner Info:
-Red Bar: The health bar. The miner will perish when health reaches zero.
-Green Bar: The hunger bar. The miner will begin to lose health when hunger is zero.

Click on the miner with left mouse button to view possible options:
-Click "Mine Path" to dig to a nearby cave to allowi movement along the path.
-Click "Gather" to collect food to fill hunger bar, "Send Food" to send gathered food to adjacent caves.

Types of Caves:
-Green cave: Food can be gathered while the miner is inside this cave.
-Blue cave: The rescue zone. Bring miner here to be rescued.

The Clock:
Keep your eye on the left-hand corner for the time. The more time that passes, the less sane the miners will be!

The Modes:
Story mode includes all dialogue and is slower-paced and easier overall.
Hardcore mode is significantly harder and includes no dialogue/story for the pure strategist experience.


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I think I got the idea behind this and it is indeed good, multitasking to save the miners while the narrative beats take place according to your gameplay. The music makes you really tense and sets up the mood really well. I kept wondering however why do I often see 2 similar options Mine Path and Mine Path  in every node